Online Schooling Through Titanium Robotics

The Titanium Robotics Summer Academy usually marks the beginning of a new school year of robotics, but under new circumstances, I had to experiment with online formats.

One of the most critical issues was how our classes would be structured. As the previous programming captain, I had used a project based structure to teach object oriented programming. After all, coding representations of pizzas is much more intuitive than lecturing about classes! My cabinet and I decided to use this strategy in our online classes. We also decided that streaming videos of captains using the tools would make the virtual design projects more concrete.

Our performance has been quite ideal. Member retention was almost perfect and engagement has high. I watched as students went from knowing nothing about engineering to confidently building up a portfolio of works and pitching to a group.

The experience has proved instrumental to my planning of the upcoming fall season. As COVID-19 evolves, I am confident that Titanium Robotics' response will be appropriate.