RMP: Reflections

Just a few days ago, the Research Mentorship Program (RMP) wrapped up! It was a rather abrupt end to six weeks of work, but considering the impact of the coronavirus, the final seminar was as conclusive as possible.

Although I'd like to talk about my research, some of the data used remains in the possession of UCSB. What I can speak about, however, is the importance of collaboration in this experience. Research was a challenging time, but much of the difficultly was mitigated constant conversations with my peers and mentors. Furthermore, I learned an extensive deal about the academic research process through the lectures and workshops provided by RMP's amazing staff. To be honest, I have always struggled with principles of design, so being able to work extra time to ensure that even students without a background in machine learning would be able to understand my presentations was quite valuable.

All in all, I highly recommend RMP to any high schooler who has managed to stumble on this blog post!