I Voted Sticker Design

In my Honors Humanities course, I read about the intersection of art and design with civic engagement throught the I Voted sticker. Millions of Americans voted by mail in the 2020 election.; to meet the need, New York Magazine asked 48 artists to design 8I Voted stickers. They converted their cover of the October 26 issue into a sticker sheet and many bookstores, museums, and retail stores gave sticker sheets away ahead of the election.

With this background, I created my own sticker that would reflective the importance of the voting process, especially during such a pivotal moment in history. Along the way, I learned how to use Figma, a popular online tool for vector graphics design and prototyping. My thought process was as follows:

Despite the tumultuous nature of 2020, voting is a reminder that the institutions that preserve our stable government must be preserved. The red, white, and blue match the colors of the national flag; the red stripes and blue stars are a further callback. The three stars also acknowledge the rather distinct beliefs between individuals on the left, middle, and right that all participate in the electoral process.

I Voted Sticker